Innovative Media Weddings

We do weddings differently.

Let us capture the day for you with our creative style to produce a wedding film that you will treasure and enjoy watching time and time again.

What Makes us Different?

The most significant variable that sets us apart from our competition is that our work deals exclusively with weddings. Most production companies who provide wedding videography services did not create their company with the intention of producing wedding videos and nothing else. Innovative Media Weddings was established with the sole purpose of creating the finest wedding “film(s)” imaginable.

There is a huge difference between a company that has the “ability” to provide wedding “coverage” using the professional equipment they have in house, and a company that purchased every single piece of equipment (camera, audio, lighting, tracks, dollies, gliders, steady cams, 4K cinema drones, etc.) specifically designed for filming high-end weddings. . It is this factor alone that truly sets us apart from other companies and allows us the ability to produce a far superior product.

This factor truly sets us apart from other companies and enables us to produce a far superior product.

How are We Able to Deliver a Significantly Superior Product than Every Other Company in Our Market?

Another difference is our additional offerings. We are the only company in Southwest Michigan to offer wedding aerial footage which will set your wedding film apart from all others. Also, have friends and family who can’t attend? No problem! We can live stream your wedding on the internet to privately (or publicly) show your friends and family. We are also proud of our largest difference: we love working with our clients and getting their requests and feedback! Every wedding and couple is unique and we want to make your film unique for you! Unlike some places who have their own style, our style is you. We will work closely with you to make this the smoothest part of your wedding.