Common Questions

Common Wedding Videography Questions and Answers:

We got photography covered already. So why should we get a wedding video?

Well, first of all, we like calling them “wedding films” for a specific reason. Can we share an example? At a recent wedding in Summer 2015, we had one couple who were surprised because when they heard what we do, they immediately thought we were just going to show up with one basic camera and call it good. Nope, that’s not us. When we say “wedding film” we mean it looks like something you would see on the big screen! We use multiple, professional cameras to shoot from various angles, record clear, crisp audio with professional audio equipment, then edit all the audio and video together to show your special day in an enjoyable and memorable way.

So seriously, we already are spending a lot on photography…why get a wedding film too?

We shoot photography for weddings occasionally as well so we have a unique perspective on this. You should get photography, no question. You need great photos to frame and hang on your walls and share on Facebook! But a wedding film allows you to relive your special day in a way photography can’t. You can see reactions, hear vows, and enjoy the interactions and dynamics of the day. We seriously have heard couples say their biggest regret of the day is not having a wedding film professionally shot and produced. The day will go by faster than you can expect and the memory of it will be a blur…after all, you’re juggling getting ready, saying your vows, not tripping walking out, greeting guests and talking with friends and family at the reception, and so much more. After the day is done and you are heading out for your awesome honeymoon, what’s left? Your photography and video will be wonderful keepsakes of that day.

Our family member/friend offered to record using their phone or own camera for free…why should we pay for this?

Fair question. Most people understand the need for a professional photographer, but they have some fair questions about hiring a professional videography company. After all, their iPad or iPhone or camcorder would work too, right? Well, if you’re just looking for some coverage, then sure, but wouldn’t you want your coverage to be the best?

There are some things you would need to consider….

  • Do they get shots from multiple angles and edit them into a beautiful finished wedding film? We always shoot with a minimum of three cameras and more (right now have been up to seven cameras at once!) to ensure we always have a great shot.
  • Do they have professional audio equipment to be able to directly record the ceremony and reception? Using on camera microphones results in echo-y sound with lots of background noise. Our equipment captures crisp, clear audio so you can hear exactly what was said.
  • Do they have professional tripods for steady shots? Shaky camera footage belongs in horror films…not your wedding film.
  • Do they have experience? This isn’t a movie set where they can yell “Cut!” and reshoot. Shots have to be right the first time, every time. Shooting a wedding is unlike shooting anything else. It takes experienced shooters to be able to predict and adapt to the unique challenges of getting everything.

Wait…okay so I have two friends who can shoot High Definition with their camcorders so we will use them.

Like we mentioned before, on board camera microphones will always sound echo-y and pick up background noise…the wind, a crying baby, vehicles, etc. Do you want to hear that every time you see your wedding film? Audio is one half of the puzzle though. High Definition is a standard (1920×1080 or 1280×720 if you want to get technical) but not all HD devices are created the same. We exclusively use professional level DSLR cameras. What’s that mean to you? In phones and camcorders the sensors are tiny. Our DSLRs have sensors many, many, many times larger. This makes a huge difference in quality. Video is much clearer looking in low light (for example, at your reception and doesn’t look grainy and pixelated like in camcorders) and we can do that awesome blurred background both indoors and out which gives our wedding films a true cinematic look.

What makes you different than everybody else out there that shoots weddings?

Great question! Well, we’re Innovative Media Weddings. Nobody in the area offers our exclusive services like aerial coverage as well as live streaming of weddings. However, one of our biggest differences with the other places out there is that we shoot cinema style. What does this mean exactly?

  1. We always shoot with a minimum of three professional cameras. This ensures that we always get a great shot. Every wedding we go to somebody stands in front of the camera or even knocks it over or bumps it. Not exactly great timing during the vows! That’s why we have a minimum of three so we can always cut to another camera to provide full coverage.
  2. Depending on your needs, we can add additional cameras and operators. A wedding we shot at the beginning of the summer had seven cameras going at once. Excessive? Not really…with so many cameras we can have a dedicated operator and camera on the musicians and any speeches. Then we can have another operator getting crowd reaction shots. So say if grandma tears up during the ceremony, we can capture that without sacrificing full ceremony coverage and possibly missing something. More camera and operators equals more detailed shots to capture everything. Full coverage is what we strive for.
  3. Our cameras can record images in the foreground clearly and crisply while providing a beautiful blurred background. This helps tell your story by focusing on the important parts during that section. This is the same effect you see when you go to the movies and see a character’s face sharp while the background is unfocused. We don’t do that “flat” camcorder look many associate with wedding videos!
  4. Our editing process combines all of these camera angles into one memorable and timeless production that you will enjoy watching over and over.

We’re getting interested. So how does this whole process work?

  1. Drop us a quick note or call us so we can get some basics out of the way.
  2. If we are available on your date, we will schedule a a brief phone meeting to introduce ourselves and answer your questions.
  3. If we are a good fit for you, we will need a deposit to secure the date and get the process started.
  4. We want to buy you both a coffee (or other drink of choice!) and sit down with you to discuss details, your expectations, and how we work in depth. This is critical to making sure everything goes smoothly. We want to work with you and make your film as customized just for you!
  5. We work closely with you in the time leading up to the big day to ensure that everything is ready.
  6. We will arrive on site early for setup and venue/decoration shots.
  7. We promise to work discretely and respectfully to capture everything without being distracting — it’s your day after all!
  8. Once the shoot is over, we will return and start the editing process.
  9. We will present a draft version of your film for you to preview and provide feedback. We will then take your feedback and where possible make changes.
  10. We will then deliver your wedding film in a digital format for your computer/mobile device, DVDs, and Blu-rays if requested.

Do you only shoot weddings in Kalamazoo and the surrounding Portage, Richland, Parchment, Plainwell, Schoolcraft, and Vicksburg areas?

Nope! While we are based in Kalamazoo, we can, have, and will travel anywhere! We don’t charge extra for shooting weddings anywhere in the Southwest Michigan area; however, we will be happy to discuss options outside of the area — let us know!

Do you do custom wedding packages?

Yes, absolutely! Every couple and finished film is unique, so we are more than happy to create a package with just what you need.

What if my ceremony or reception goes over and starts late?

No problem! Stuff happens. We don’t have time limits. That’s just plain silly! If you want us to shoot the ceremony we will shoot the entire ceremony even if it goes over the scheduled time. Long speeches at the reception we are shooting for you? No worries. We are there to capture your event with all the parts you want included. We won’t leave just because we’ve been there for over two hours.

Can we make special requests for the way we want our wedding film produced or shot?

Absolutely! As part of our consultation meeting, we will go over what you expect for your wedding film. If you have special requests for the shoot we would be happy to accommodate them as possible. Do you have some favorite music you want to hear in your wedding film? Definitely…just let us know. We realize some couples may like more involvement in the production process, and we would love your input. Or leave it up to us…we know you will love it!

Do you charge extra for shooting on weekends?

No way! We know that weekends are the best to have your wedding to help get all your friends and family together. That doesn’t make sense to us to discourage you from getting married on a weekend!

What are the hidden fees?

We don’t do hidden fees. We hate ’em, and you probably do to. The price/package we agree on is it. We don’t charge for travel (except previously agreed to for weddings outside of Southwest Michigan), we don’t charge extra for long ceremonies, we don’t charge extra for additional DVDs, we don’t charge extra for special requests, we don’t charge extra for…well, you get the picture. The only extras would possibly be for travel outside of our area or for additional editing you request outside of our initial edit or add ons like additional shooters, streaming, aerial coverage not in a package, etc. But we will get those details locked in during our one-on-one consultation with you over coffee. We like keeping things simple and straightforward.

How long will our wedding film be?

Short answer: it depends. Long answer: if the full ceremony coverage is selected, it will be a little longer than that. We will provide continuous coverage from the beginning to the end as well as some extra before and after to show the guests, decorations, etc. If reception coverage is desired as well, it will generally be around 30-60 minutes additional to include the first dances, speeches, bouquet toss/garter pull, and shots of guests, the meal, special movements, etc. Each film we produce is unique since we hand edit every single one. These are just a rough estimate. Of course we want this to be custom for you, so if you want additional shots to be included, just ask!

How will our wedding film be delivered to us?

Pretty much anyway you want! We can deliver a digital format you can post to Facebook or YouTube or wherever you like or put on your iPad or tablet or phone. Just let us know your preferred format! We also will provide you with any reasonable number of DVDs (reasonable: around 15-20 copies but we won’t care if you need 21! Need more copies? It’s just a small additional charge per disc). We also offer Blu-ray copies too if you want. Sorry, nope, we can’t and won’t do VHS. Hint: get your grandparents a DVD player for Christmas!

How long will it take to get our wedding film?

As we keep saying, every wedding film we produce is unique. To review all the footage, edit between all the cameras, add music, review with you, and make any final changes may take anywhere from 1-3 months. We try to work as quickly as possible, but because each film is a work of art, it does take some time. As always, we are happy to work with you so if you need a portion of it sooner, let us know, and we will try our best!

My question wasn’t here!

Sure thing! We’d love to answer them!