Wedding Live Streaming

Live Streaming Your Wedding

If you’re anything like us, you’ve got family scattered all across the country. Sometimes it just can’t work out for all your friends and family to attend due to conflicts with work, school, or other commitments. But that doesn’t mean they have to miss your special day!
We are the only local company to offer this innovative new service. With our years of experience of shooting weddings, we will live stream your wedding to a private link that we will share with your family and friends who can’t attend. All they need to do is click the link to watch it live. No software or special requirements needed. We also go a step above and beyond by offering service on iPhones and iPads and selected other mobile devices. Just because they aren’t next to their computer doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be able to watch!
This service is dependent on the venue being able to provide reliable, wired, high speed internet. Interested? Let’s talk!